Sequential Constraints, Torics, and related papers

Furtek, F., "Torics: A New Paradigm for Formal Verification, Behavioral Modeling and Simulation", 2004.
Principles of Sequential Constraint Graphs and their implementation in the Torics tool suite.

Furtek, F., "Reasoning about Sequential Behavior Using a Generalization of Boolean Implicant", 2005.
An introduction and technical summary of the mathematics of Sequential Constraint Graphs and their application to verification of digital circuits and systems.

Furtek, F., "A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for a Relation to be Total", J. Combinatorial Theory, Series A, v. 37, pp. 320-326, 1984.
Let A, B, and C be sets. Let p be a relation on AxB, and let s be a relation on BxC. A necessary and sufficient condition for p.s to be total is provided in terms of a DeMorgan algebra defined on B.

Furtek, F., "The Logic of Systems", PhD thesis, MIT Laboratory for Computer Science, 1976.
When considered separately, the theories of information and control are of limited applicability. When brought together, they provide a technique for predicting and postdicting behavior.

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